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Solving Engineering Design Challenges for Over 50 Years

Discover the history of RFA Engineering, from our roots as the Minnesota Engineering Company (MEC) to our position today as a nationwide leader in engineering solutions. Our journey is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

Established in 1943 as Minnesota Engineering Company (MEC), we focused on being responsive to client needs and delivering on promises with precision. This era was characterized by personal service and engineering excellence. In 1967, a significant milestone occurred when Bob Rogers and Frank Freels purchased Frontier Engineering Services Company and incorporated Rogers, Freels, & Associates (RFA), paving the way for a new chapter. The acquisition of MEC in 1970 by RFA and the rebranding to RFA/Minnesota Engineering marked the beginning of a legacy built on innovative solutions and a responsive approach to engineering challenges.

Nationwide Impact and Continued Commitment

As we approached the 21st century, RFA experienced steady growth, expanding into multiple engineering centers and extending our reach to client locations nationwide. The 2012 rebranding to RFA Engineering marked our 50-year incorporation milestone. It affirmed our evolution into a leading service provider, committed to aligning with each customer’s unique needs and delivering world-class solutions.

Under the guidance of dedicated engineers, our company has continued to thrive on the principles of responsiveness and quality, fostering a tradition of innovation and collaboration. Today, RFA stands as a beacon of engineering excellence, maintaining the legacy of the Minnesota Engineering Company while driving forward with adaptability and ingenuity in every project we undertake.

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