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Engineering Services Companies vs. Contract Engineers from Staffing Agencies

For many businesses, hiring extra engineering help comes down to one key decision: Should you hire a temporary contractor from a staffing firm or should you turn to an engineering services company (ESC)? When you weigh the costs and benefits, you might be surprised at the advantages an ESC gives you.

Time to Get Up to Speed

Hiring a contract engineer takes time. You must find the right contractor, create a training plan and implement it. An engineering services company hits the ground running. It’s conditioned to work with several different clients with varying degrees of information and in a manner that gets results quickly.

Commitment to the Best Solution for You

Contract engineers aren’t always invested in your long-term success. Are they going to be moving on to another company when your project ends? Or will they extend the length of the project, make decisions that only provide short-term gains, or spend current project time looking for the next career move?

On the other hand, ESC’s engineers are full-time employees. They are looking for success within the ESC, and successful client work is the best way to get ahead. They are individually motivated to do their best work for you.

Leveraging Long-Term Relationships

You’ll build your trusted relationship with the ESC over time. The company will get to know you, your needs and preferences. They’ll be ready with the right engineers and the right solutions when you call. That way, they can hit the ground running for future projects.

Temporary, independent contractors, however, leave with the knowledge they gained. The next time you need an engineer, a previous contractor might not be available. You’ll have to start at the very beginning with someone who is just getting to know you.


ESCs can meet a wide range of needs. If you have a small project, one engineer may do. But a larger project might require more help. And a complex project might require special skills and backgrounds. An ESC can accommodate the entire range. But, an independent contractor is just one person. If you need a larger team or a more diverse skill set, you will have to put time and resources into locating and hiring.

If you’re considering working with an ESC, give us a call. No matter what the task or stage of the engineering cycle, RFA Engineering can help. Contact us at 952-843-2700.

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