Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Engineering Services

When designing parts for a machine or engine, it’s critical to consider cost. After all, each part will affect the overall cost of the product manufacturing process. To make the most of each part, you require an engineering company that prioritizes design for manufacturability (DFM). RFA Engineering does just that.

Why DFM Engineering Is Critical to Your Project

DFM engineering is the process of optimizing the design of a part or product to make it easier and more cost-effective to manufacture. There are many benefits to prioritizing DFM within each and every project. DFM helps:

  • Keep production costs as low as possible to protect your bottom line
  • Speed-up time-to-market via a faster production process
  • Combine production steps to increase manufacturing speed
  • Improve the quality of your end products through optimized parts
  • Increase opportunities for design improvements over time

All Parts Must Be Designed With DFM in Mind

There are endless examples of DFM and how it helps improve the manufacturing process. Every single part used in a machine must be considered. No part is too small.

For example, most off-highway machines include simple brackets. Yet, developing a bracket using one type of sheet metal might take added work that increases the cost of your project. You need to optimize each component for the best outcome.

DFM Engineering Services by RFA Engineering

Parts serve a specific purpose. They ensure the machine they’re placed into works as it should. This means parts shouldn’t be developed to “look cool” or overly innovative unless the application requires it. Parts should be simplified and optimized to give you the most bang for your manufacturing buck.

RFA Engineering offers expert design for manufacturing engineering services. We work with machine shops, casting facilities and manufacturers to ensure your parts are the most cost-effective options for your given project.

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