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Engineering Services for Mining Equipment

We design durable and efficient mining equipment with a focus on electrification and automation

Comprehensive Design for Electrification, Automation & More

Mining requires heavy-duty machines that can perform consistently and stand the test of time. With decades of mining experience behind our management and staff, RFA designs surface and underground mining machinery that follows industry trends and solves its unique challenges.

From loaders and dozers to load haul dumps and jumbo drills, our mechanical, electrical and software design engineering services can help you electrify and automate your equipment, engineer control systems, manufacture harnesses and more. With our comprehensive range of services, you’ll find all the expertise you need conveniently available under one roof.

New or Improved Product Design for Maximum Cost-Efficiency

Given the cost of fuel and labor, it’s critical to create smarter machines that mine efficiently and reduce costs. With our extensive knowledge and mechanical, electrical and software design capabilities, we can help you develop fast solutions and machinery updates that support your business operations and goals.

Whether you’re a small company or a Fortune 500 company, we can make improvements to your existing machines that lengthen their durability and lifecycle. With new machinery design, we’ll focus on optimizing your machinery for maximum, long-term value, whether you simply need a new attachment or an entirely new machine upgrade.

Electrify Your Machinery With Flexible, Quality Services

The electrification of mining equipment continues to grow, and you need to make sure the right methods are used for your specific type of machinery. With our engineering experience and team structure, we’ll help you determine the most efficient solution with little to no oversight necessary on your part, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Since we have the resources of a large engineering company and the flexibility of a small one, we’re able to accommodate your unique needs. Our versatile team can easily adapt to your process while producing high-quality designs that meet your standards and keep you competitive.

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