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Engineering Services for Turf Care Machinery

Optimized designs for efficient and effective turf care machinery.

Stay Competitive With Cost-Effective Design

The turf care market continues to grow, resulting in market saturation and declining prices. To stay competitive, it’s essential to have optimized machine designs that improve efficiency and drive down labor costs.

With 50 years of engineering design experience, RFA is equipped to uncover every opportunity for cost savings while still meeting high-quality standards for your machines. From autonomy to electrification, our comprehensive mechanical, electrical and software design services allow us to support your high production needs.

Quality Designs Led by Industry Knowledge

To stay on top of your industry and properly serve your customers, you need creative engineers with real-world knowledge of the current market. Our leadership and staff understand the unique demands of the turf care industry, enabling us to design solutions that satisfy both your company’s needs and those of your valued consumers.

Design Services for Every Type of Machinery

We’ll work with your team to package components and assist in designing anything from new electrification products to existing machine full autonomy. Our designs are tailored to suit the unique size, production volume and operations of your company’s equipment.

Cost and efficiency are always at the forefront as our collaborative team adapts to your needs and quickly produces solutions for your handheld and ground equipment.

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