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Engineering Services for the Utility Sector

Delivering safe, efficient, and resilient solutions for the evolving utility industry.

Quality Designs for Reliability & Efficiency

To carry out critical operations and provide dependable power while protecting utility workers, your equipment needs to be safe, reliable and efficient. At RFA, we understand the rapidly advancing needs of the utility sector and offer highly-tailored designs that prioritize safety, resilience and productivity.

From underground equipment to aerial lifts, we have the industry expertise to help you produce quality machines that support your long-term operations. Our mechanical, electrical and software design engineering services can help you engineer control systems, electrify your machinery, perform structural testing and more.

Navigate Complexities With 50+ Years of Engineering Experience

In the utility industry, where leaders face challenges like aging infrastructure and compliance requirements, RFA’s decades of experience with advanced machinery and structural design make projects of any type or size suitable for our teams of engineers.

Customized Designs & Services to Optimize Efficiency

Every utility project is unique and requires customized solutions. The RFA team provides tailored designs and services that align with your specific needs and goals. Whether you need experienced design support or increased program, staff, we’ll help you successfully complete your project to maximize your operations.

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