Engineering Simulation

A critical component of any product design is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) also known as Mechanical or Virtual Simulation. During simulation, we can visualize the effects of loading conditions on your mechanical products or systems. As a result, we pinpoint weaknesses in the design before any manufacturing steps are taken.

Consider the front end bucket on a skid-steer loader.  To understand its capability, we can virtually simulate an environment that involves the loader tasked with picking up a large rock to determine if it’s susceptible to failure. This method of mechanical engineering simulation enables us to see the structural integrity of a product, enabling you to make critical design changes.

Mechanical engineering simulation will help you reduce the cost of your prototypes, accelerate your product design cycle and improve safety for the end-user of your product.

FEA & CFD Simulation by RFA Engineering

What’s the Difference Between FEA & CFD?

FEA offers us visibility into the structural integrity of new designs before you spend any capital building parts. Not only can FEA show where new parts may have potential issues, but it can also be used to diagnose failures seen in the field, and also to optimize designs to reduce costs.

CFD can be used to optimize flow and minimize turbulence in cases where fluid flow is critical. It can also predict how two different liquids mix. When used in conjunction with FEA, we can visualize what occurs when a transfer of fluid causes a resultant force that must be considered during structural analysis.

Our Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

There are many types of mechanical engineering simulation and analysis that RFA Engineering performs either as a stand-alone service or integrated into our projects. By way of example, we’re able to perform simulation on current product development projects or you can bring us a design you wish to analyze.

Types of Analysis We Provide

We’re able to perform many types of simulation to fit your needs. For example, we can perform energy absorption simulation for roll-over protection structures (Rops) and falling object protection structures (Fops), which are critical for heavy equipment design.

Other types of simulation we offer include:

  • FEA Structural
  • Fatigue
  • CFD
  • Bolted Joint
  • Gears & Powertrain
  • Kinematic
  • Dynamic
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Modal and Harmonic Analysis


RFA Engineering is proud to offer mechanical engineering simulation using industry-leading software, including:

  • AcuSolve/Hyperworks CFD
  • Ansys
  • Ansys Workbench
  • Bolted Joint Calculations
  • Creo Simulate
  • Hyperworks Suite
  • KISS Soft for Gears and Powertrain
  • Ncode for Fatigue
  • Solidworks Simulation

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