RFA Difference

What separates RFA from the rest of the pack? Hands down, the quality and passion of our people. Not only are they capable Engineers, Designers, Technologists, and Technicians, but many bring to the table high levels of creativity, mechanical aptitude, common sense, and real world product knowledge gained via their personal life. We at RFA feel these personal experiences, coupled with a strong technical education, all contribute to a person’s “experience” and ability to deliver. Whether it was growing up on a farm, racing cars, working off-road equipment or being passionate about wanting to know how things work, we have found these experiences to be invaluable to understanding the challenges of our customers, and their customers.

We are more than a shell company with a website and a catchy name…we are a real engineering firm with a track record to back it up. For decades, we have had customers return over and over, not because we are the least expensive alternative, but because we offer value, and thrive on embedded software, electrical & mechanical engineering efficiency. Coupling our value with the fact that the ideas our people generate ultimately become our customers’ intellectual property, the return on investment is extremely high.

Owned and Operated by Engineers

RFA has always prided itself in the fact that the ownership is home grown, and remains engaged with our people, projects and clients. If you call RFA to speak about a new project, the person on the other end of the line is able to truly help you. And if you come for an interview, you will be speaking with an engineer or designer that once sat in your same seat.

Skilled Employees

We are committed to recruiting the highest quality engineers, designers, technologists, and technicians. All of our employees are degreed, the majority of them being graduates from ABET accredited programs. More importantly, they have strong mechanical aptitude and practical problem solving skills.

Industry Experience

product development and manufacturing experience. Project Engineers typically have 12 years of industry experience and the average tenure for our design staff is 6 years.

Our Process

We like to think of our "process" as our proven road map to project success. In the event our clients have their own process to follow, we will just adapt ours to meet their needs.

  • Understanding Client Requirements & Expectations

    A key success factor in achieving high-level performance is to understand the client's expectations of us. We often start our working relationship with a small project that allows us to learn about the client and reduce their potential risk. As we gain a better understanding of the client, and build trust, we take on increasingly larger projects.
  • Initial Planning and Proposal Writing

    • Scope of Work
    • Critical Requirements
    • Time and cost estimate
    • Schedule
  • Work Authorization and Staffing

    Upon the client’s approval, RFA will assign engineering resources according to the project. Resources will be added or removed as the project progresses to achieve the project objectives while meeting the schedule and budget constraints.
  • Project Execution and Control

    Since most of our project are dynamic in nature and evolve as technical constraints are identified, a RFA Project Engineer will be assigned to manage the project and team. They will be the primary contact and facilitate the design reviews. Project status reporting will be transparent, and in a medium agreed upon between RFA and the client.
  • Project Closeout

    Upon completion, RFA management will review the project with the client to gather feedback on the performance of the RFA team and document lessons learned.


Nearly 90% of RFA’s collaborative, project based work is “repeat business”

electrical & mechanical engineering firm is tied directly to our performance. RFA is a preferred supplier to many of our clients because of the value we provide them. Unlike many businesses that come and go based on marketing hype or the latest buzz words, RFA stands out by continuously adapting to the needs and substantive changes in industry while maintaining our core values.

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