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Electrical Engineering Services

Implement the right electrical solutions to fit your product needs with RFA’s experienced engineering team.

Electrical Systems Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Today’s electrical systems are more complex than ever before and must be properly designed for optimum performance. This includes accurate schematic design, component selection and routing, all while considering your unique application needs. 

RFA’s highly skilled engineers design and implement electrical systems that support vehicle mechanical components. From lawnmowers to boom trucks, we’ll custom-design and execute your project based on your unique requirements, ensuring you get the right solution at the right time.

Leading With Expertise & Collaboration

Whether you need the complete development of a new product or a product-improving redesign, we can help. With over 50 years in electrical and mechanical engineering, our team members use their extensive knowledge and experience to design long-lasting solutions.

Our collaborative electrical engineers will keep you involved throughout the design process, removing the need for additional oversight. We can easily adapt to and accommodate your process thanks to our flexibility and cohesive teamwork, giving you an innovative partner you can trust.

Quality Design for Reliable Performance

It’s critical for your off-highway machines to withstand the elements while also fitting various industry applications and adhering to a variety of engineering standards. As expert electrical engineers, we consider every aspect of the application prior to design and implementation. This assures that your electrical system and its components are optimized and highly durable for any environment.

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