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Electrical Harness Prototypes

Minimize labor needs and meet your production timelines with custom electrical harness prototype development and manufacturing.

Cost-Effective Designs & Development

Whether you need a new design or the physical development of your prototype, we can help. Our expert teams at RFA create custom electrical harness prototypes with the most cost-effective solutions for tooling, component selection and labor.

Regardless of its complexity, we’ll ensure your prototype meets production-level quality standards so you can effectively validate your production design.

Rapid Turnaround to Meet Your Production Timelines

At RFA, we understand the urgency of receiving your prototype swiftly without compromising quality. We integrate advanced techniques like ultrasonic splice welding into our manufacturing process to achieve this. Compared with more traditional welding methods like crimping or resistance welding, ultrasonic welding offers several advantages, enhancing the overall quality of our prototypes. These benefits include producing higher-quality weld joints, improving process control, and significantly reducing energy consumption. By utilizing this innovative approach and other technology coupled with our process, we can often guarantee the delivery of your prototype within a few weeks without sacrificing the high standards you expect. Our prototype services include:

  • Sourcing and Selection of Best-Performing Components
  • Schematics
  • Low-Volume Prototype Development
  • Testing and Quality Control

A Trusted & Flexible Engineering Partner

The success of your prototype is our top priority. We design and build each harness to fit your unique requirements thanks to our collaborative, tailored approach. With over 50 years of engineering experience, our teams have a unique blend of expertise, creativity and problem-solving abilities, making us a trusted outsourcing partner.

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