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The Importance of Clear Communication With Your Clients

As a business, you can have the best products or services on the market. You can even promise the best prices around. Without clear communication with your clients, however, you won’t provide the experience they expect. To ensure you don’t lose your clients to someone else, clear communication is key.

3 Reasons Why Clear Communication Is Important for Your Business

When communication is the foundation of client service, it’s easy to see just how important it is. Beyond helping you protect your revenue, clear communication with your clients:

  1. Builds trust: Clear communication means being transparent and open with your clients. Openness builds trust between your clients and your business.
  2. Leads to long-term business relationships: The trust you build with great communication leads to long-term business relationships and enhanced client loyalty. Plus, 60% of loyal clients will continuously come back for more from your business.
  3. Creates referral opportunities: Happy clients will share their positive experiences with others, creating referral opportunities for your business. One happy client often refers around 11 additional people.

Tips for Improving Communication With Your Clients

Ready to improve communication between you and your clients? Here are a few tips you can put into practice today.

  1. Always be mindful of your tone: Remember to watch your tone as you speak. For example, even if you’re having a rough day, make sure you’re not coming off angry or bored. Instead, focus on being friendly and positive with your clients.
  2. Practice your listening skills: Communication relies on listening. When your client speaks, listen to understand, not to respond. Don’t interrupt. Instead, wait until they’re finished to ask questions and provide your feedback.
  3. Speak in a way your clients want to be spoken to: Not two clients are the same. This means they won’t communicate in the same way. If your client is casual, respond casually. If they prefer a phone call over an email, do your best to oblige.
  4. Mind your manners: Saying “please” and “thank you” will always go a long way with your clients. Remember, they’re paying you—don’t make demands and always thank them for their business.
  5. Watch your non-verbal cues: Although your tone and what you say is important, remember to watch what you don’t say. For example, make eye contact with your clients and don’t cross your arms. Keep your body language open and engaged.

RFA Engineering Believes in the Power of Communication

Here at RFA Engineering, we believe that clear communication—before, during and after a project—is key to long-term success. As a result of putting this belief into practice, most of our engineering business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

We follow this simple rule of thumb: the client is always right. In our industry, where competitors abound, solid communication can indeed set you apart.

Communication Is Critical in the Engineering Industry

Although simple, communication is often forgotten in client service. To learn more about our approach to service and engineering services, give us a call at 952-843-2700 or send us a message today.

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