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Why Use An Engineering Services Company?

When your business faces an engineering challenge, you have options. Turning to an engineering services company is one of the best. If you have never worked with an Engineering Services Company (ESC) before, you might be hesitant. To help clear your concern, let’s evaluate some of the reasons you’d want to use an ESC for your next project.

5 Reasons an ESC Might Be Right for You

#1. You’re on a deadline.

Engineering services companies are great for companies that need a solution quickly. If you do not have time to hire a full-time engineer and then get that person up to speed, turning to an engineering services company can help. The ESC has already vetted the engineers involved. These professionals are ready to work on your project right away.

#2. It’s not practical to add to your direct headcount.

There are many reasons that teams cannot hire a full-time engineer. Sometimes, it’s a company-wide hiring freeze. Other times, there’s just no need for an engineer after a short-term project ends. Turning to an engineering services company is a way to get help from a skilled professional without adding to your permanent headcount.

#3. You need to minimize your exposure to benefits.

When you’re working on a budget, adding a full-time employee isn’t always practical. The cost isn’t just related to the person’s salary. You’ll have to account for the cost of benefits like healthcare and a 401(k), too. An engineering services company will cover these costs for the engineer, which makes getting the help you need more affordable.

#4. You need an outsider’s perspective.

Some engineering projects can take years. Others involve complex internal politics that can cloud judgment and drive up the costs associated with your project. Bringing in an outsider can help your in-house team reach a solution more quickly and effectively.

Plus, engineering services companies often have specialized skill sets that can be a great asset to your team for a particular project. A new skill set can mean a new way of looking at a longstanding challenge.

#5. You just need a little extra help.

Engineering services companies can help with transitionary periods when direct staff leave, and replacements are not yet in place. They are also a great way to augment your existing engineering department. That way, direct employees can focus on big-picture items while the engineering services company handles the details.

Thinking of Trying an ESC?

An engineering services company might be just the solution your business needs. If you are interested in how we could help, reach out at 952-843-2700. We’d love to talk with you about the challenges you face and what we can do to solve them.

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