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Engineering Services for Forestry Equipment

Designing durable, efficient machinery to meet unique forestry needs.

Highly-Experienced Engineers Who Know Your Industry

With over 50 years of engineering experience, our talented team has a deep working knowledge of the forest industry, including its trends, challenges and methods. From implementing alternative green fuel power sources to developing robust, durable machines, we’ll design a solution that considers every aspect of your operation.

A Suite of Engineering Design Services

From harvesting swing machines to articulated wheel haulers and processing heads, we can provide you with a design for any machine. Our comprehensive design services address a wide variety of product needs, including:

Customized Solutions From a Versatile Team

Every company is unique, which means you need engineering designs that match your individual needs. Our supportive team will tailor a solution that meets your specific requirements, budget and standards.

Since we have the capabilities of a major engineering company and the flexibility of a small one, our experienced staff can easily and independently integrate into your process. With our tailored collaboration levels, we can help free up your time so your engineering staff can focus on internal operations and maximize your overall efficiency.

Want to Learn More and Discuss Your Project?

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