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Receive mechanical, electrical, and software development expertise to help you achieve automation for your factory machines and vehicles.

Onsite Engineering Support for Automation

Automating your machines can come with a variety of challenges involving your mechanical, electrical and software systems. Using our 50 years of engineering experience in these fields, our supportive team can develop solutions at your site or ours to keep your automation goals on track.

With over 50 years of engineering experience in designing solutions for a wide range of industries, we’ll help you troubleshoot your current roadblocks in everything from forestry machines to end-of-line factory equipment and develop system-related solutions for optimal machine performance. Our expertise extends to a wide range of industries, such as:

Tailored Designs for Your Machines’ Key Systems

Automation is a cornerstone of efficiency and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape. At RFA Engineering, we recognize the transformative impact of automation on your machinery. From mechanical design to advanced software development, our versatile engineers are equipped to integrate cutting-edge technology into your equipment, facilitating seamless automation.

The benefits of automating your machines are multifaceted. It not only enhances operational efficiency and consistency but also significantly reduces the likelihood of human error, leading to improved safety and reliability. Furthermore, automation can contribute to cost reduction in the long run by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing downtime.

Our approach involves a deep understanding of your specific needs and automation goals. We’ll dive into the intricacies of your machine’s systems to develop comprehensive, tailored engineer designs. These designs don’t just meet your objectives; they anticipate future industry trends and technological advancements, ensuring your equipment stays at the forefront of innovation. By choosing RFA Engineering for your automation needs, you’re not just upgrading your machinery but investing in a future-proof solution that propels your operations toward greater productivity and technological excellence.

Navigate Engineering Challenges With Ease

Partnering with engineers should be a hassle-free experience. With our collaborative approach, we can seamlessly integrate into your specific process with minimal-to-no monitoring on your part.

Our talented teams bring real-world experience and knowledge in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. You’ll receive reliable, cost-effective solutions that address your unique challenges and effectively support the automation of your machines.

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