Powersport Machine Design & Engineering

The Powersports industry is a fast paced, every changing industry that requires it’s engineers to be quick thinking, problem solving enthusiasts. Powersport machine engineers need to not only solve technical problems, but also have the ability to predict the end users’ applications, and truly understand the market.

Powersport machine design and development may include predicting the functional use for a piece of equipment, or an intuitive location for a switch. In either situation, RFA engineers will listen to their clients’ suggestions, but also draw upon their own personal experiences and common sense to provide input into the design. Projects we have worked on in the past have included:

  • Body Panel Design
  • Cargo Rack Design
  • EU Compliance
  • Suspension Design
  • Operator Station Design

For many of these areas of design, we have had to work closely with our client’s industrial design team to create 3D models that capture the essence of style being portrayed in their renderings.

In some instances, we have also produced non-working prototypes to give our clients something to touch and feel. A picture is worth a thousand words, but in some instances to hold what is in the picture can be invaluable.

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