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Engineering Solutions for Machinery Electrification

Receive all-in-one design solutions and development roadmaps to electrify your machinery for long-term business and operational growth.

A Progressive Engineering Strategy for Long-Term Success

As the electrification of machinery continues to rise, it’s critical to have a cost-effective plan for your industry’s specific market. At RFA, we can help you create a roadmap for continuous progress based on your industry’s needs.

To maximize your budget and support your long-term business objectives, our engineers will help you develop a strategic plan for the entire range of your machines. Our team’s in-depth industry and engineering expertise has enabled multiple industries to electrify their machines, including:

End-to-End Engineering Design Tailored to Your Needs

Making the switch to electrification requires a comprehensive engineering approach that examines each component of your machines. From mechanical systems to related software requirements, our skilled engineers consider the entirety of your machine before formulating an integrative plan for electrification.

As multidisciplinary engineers, we’re your one-stop experts for electrification and can tailor our services to your specific needs. From designing your entire electrification platform to helping you select and package your components, our flexible approach provides you with an efficient, customized experience.

50+ Years of Delivering Quality Engineering Design

Drawing from more than five decades of engineering experience, our talented engineering teams can help you navigate the most complex challenges involved with electrification. Our collective expertise and innovation ensure you receive robust, integrative solutions that optimize your operations and make you future-ready.

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