Product Improvement Engineering

New product design is what many people think of when they think of engineering. However, for every model that is currently in development, there are several that are in production and being used by their consumers. These models can need attention as well, as they are pushed to their limits of capability, age or function.

Product Improvement embodies many different aspects of the engineering spectrum, but generally is focused on current product. This type of engineering can be very challenging in the fact that with most cases the machine or products are highly constrained and any changes, or re-designs need to have minimal impact to the system, and more importantly, not introduce any additional failure potential. Many times the machines requiring attention are already in the field, and any retro-fitting will be done by techs and the tools they carry, so considerations for this will be made in the design.

Because this type of work can be difficult to anticipate, our clients can often find they need to scramble to support one or more of the critical stages: diagnosis, re-design, prototype, and validate in a timely manner in order to keep their customer happy.

Due to the nature of our business, we have become extremely good at jumping in, getting up to speed on the machine, the problem, and developing a solution quickly. Additional to that, we have the ability to provide prototype iron that can be assembled to the equipment and tested prior to going into production.

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