Staff Augmentation

Some of your internal projects may require more hands-on engineering support than others. RFA Engineering offers engineering staffing and augmentation to ensure project success. While projects vary in complexity and duration, we tailor staffing support to fit your needs.

What Is Engineering Staff Augmentation?

Staffing augmentation is the practice of using outside personnel to augment your company’s mechanical, electrical and software engineering capacity. For example, you may see a temporary spike in work due to new projects or programs. Or, you might be trying to stand up a new line of business and need temporary assistance as you hire a permanent team.

Staff augmentation keeps work moving forward. And it’s common. Most large companies are required to outsource at least 20% of their staff via contract or through an agency. This protects their business and employees from drastic spikes or loss of work.

Electrical, Mechanical & Software Engineering Staffing by RFA Engineering

RFA Engineering offers customizable electrical, mechanical, and software engineering staffing services to fit your needs. Whether you need temporary engineering assistance for a week-long project or brand new talent for a longer duration, we can help.

We start by discussing your specific project needs. We’ll then locate the best talent and perform any required training to ensure the right fit. The employees we place inside your facility will blend in as part of your internal team. We hire engineers, control experts, design engineers and more.

The Benefits of Our Engineering Staffing Services

RFA Engineering isn’t a typical staffing or placement agency. Our mission is to provide the best engineers available to fill a need within your facility and move critical projects forward. Our engineering staffing services have many benefits, including:

  • Talented applicants: Unlike employees of staffing companies, RFA employees receive a full benefits package and competitive wages. As a result, we can recruit and retain high-quality talent.
  • Customized solutions: Our staff augmentation services are customizable. We listen to what you’re trying to accomplish and tailor options to fit your needs.
  • Flexibility: Staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to modify your engineering team as needed to protect your bottom line.

Need Help With Mechanical, Electrical, or Embedded Software Engineering Staffing?

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