Electrical & Mechanical

New Product Design

New Product Design requires a high level of experience and creativity to solve today’s technical challenges while at the same time understanding and delivering to meet the needs and wants of our client’s end users.

RFA has vast experience in electrical & mechanical product design. Countless different projects that include machines, tools, vehicles, and other consumer products. They are all unique, and have their own challenges, but they also have one thing in common…every project is highly engineered, driven by innovation and the application of mechanical & electrical engineering principles.

Examples of electrical & mechanical product design we’ve completed in the past:

  • Drivetrain Related
    • Housing Design
    • Tolerance Stacks
    • Lubrication design
    • Bearing Configuration
    • Parallel shaft gear design
  • Highly Styled Appearance Components
    • Cab/Operator’s Area
    • Controls Placement
    • Fenders/ Body Panels
    • Remote Control Pendants
    • Engine Enclosures/Hoods
    • Metallic/ Non-Metallic
  • Consoles
  • Structural Design/ Chassis
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Frames
    • Implements
    • Engine/ Tank/ After-treatment Supports
    • Counterweights
    • Platforms/Walkways/Access systems
    • Telescopic Booms
    • Lightweight booms/frames
    • Casting/Fabrication Optimization
    • Skids
    • Trailers
  • Engine Installation
  • Emission Packaging
  • Cooling System Layout
  • Fuel System Layout
  • Harnessing
  • Engine/Transmission Mounting
  • Hydraulic Installation
    • Schematic and Systems Development
    • Custom Manifolds
    • Lines Routings
    • Castings
    • Articulated Interfaces
  • Electrical Installation
    • Digital/ Analog Schematic Design
    • Harness Routing Design
    • Prototype Harnesses Builds
    • Mobile vehicle control system programming
    • Vehicle software development
    • Control systems

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