On-Site Engineering Support

Clients often have a project or program that requires engineering support at their facility. These projects vary in complexity and duration, and we will tailor the support to meet those specific needs.

When it comes to on-site engineering support, each situation is different. Some instances require only a short assignment (a few days or weeks) and are often part of a larger project being completed in our Engineering Center. This type of support will generally be handled by a resource from our engineering team.

Other, longer durations may require us to develop new talent specifically to fit our clients’ need. In this case, RFA will discuss the specific project needs with the client and identify resources to fit the bill, and if needed, RFA will provide the required training for the effort.

Make no mistake: RFA is not a staffing or placement agency. Unlike employees of staffing companies, all RFA employees receive a complete benefit package AND competitive wages which significantly helps us to recruit and retain high quality talent. When providing on-site engineering support, RFA doesn’t focus on volume or velocity of “resume submission” and “warm body delivery”. We focus on finding the best resource to achieve the desired mechanical or electrical engineering outcome. The best approach is to tell us what you are trying to accomplish, and we will provide options to perform work correctly the first time through.

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