Mechanical Engineering Services

Machines such as tractors used in agriculture and haul-trucks used in mining require a solid, mechanical structure. Everything from the steering column to the levers that push fluid back and forth requires expert engineering to ensure your machines perform. RFA Engineering offers product development and mechanical engineering services in all areas of machine design.

Mechanical Engineering Development Services

RFA Engineering covers the full range of mechanical engineering development, from new product development to existing product improvement. We’re dedicated to solving complex industry challenges while meeting the needs of our clients. 

Our mechanical engineering capabilities span a wide range of industries, including:

From Parts to Whole-Machine Development

We’ve fulfilled projects ranging from simple parts to whole complex systems on machinery for some of the largest machinery companies in the US. Some of these projects include:

  • Structural design including chassis, engine integration and telescopic booms
  • Drivetrain product development, including housing and tolerance stacks
  • Consoles. Complete cab design, including structural frames, operator station, headliners and interior styling. 
  • Platforms, walkways, access systems, vision studies and ergonomics
  • Appearance components, including fenders, body panels, and engine enclosures
  • Hydraulics, including custom manifold, castings and lines routing

Our experience doesn’t stop with the mechanical. We can design your machine and develop the electrical system that makes it function, taking it from concept to prototype delivery.

RFA Engineering: Innovation Meets Collaboration

Here at RFA Engineering, we know innovative product development isn’t always linear; requirements and needs change. Our team doesn’t design in a black-box scenario. Instead, we collaborate and communicate with you every step of the way. Should you need to make a change during the process, we’re ready to accommodate.

RFA Engineering provides mechanical engineering services at our two Engineering Centers or at our clients’ facilities, depending on project requirements.

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Whether you need to bring a new product to market, require a redesign of an existing product or something else altogether, our team of engineers can help. We serve companies ranging in size from small facilities to global Fortune 500’s.

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