Off-Highway Equipment Design & Engineering

“Off-highway Equipment” is a very broad term that is used to describe equipment that spends the bulk of its time off-road. The types of heavy off road equipment can range from large mining trucks, to lawn mowers, and everything in between. Above ground, below ground, or on the ground, RFA has been designing to these different potential conditions for years.

RFA has spent 50+ years developing & designing Off-Highway Equipment. Off highway engineering and heavy equipment design is on our blood, and we're very familiar with the challenges they bring in the real world. Since these off highway machines are designed to work, they will often have varied load scenarios that may not repeat as often as on-highway equipment, but usually are much more severe. Add to this, operators that are going to push the equipment to its limit, and you have a recipe that can cause a machine to be short lived if not designed properly.

We pride ourselves in being a mechanical engineering company that has a tremendous background in not only designing machinery, but also, our employees come from backgrounds that have exposed them to this type of equipment. In many cases, individuals have operated or worked on the same equipment that they are designing. This experience is incredibly valuable when designing for visibility, ergonomics, service and longevity.

The industries RFA has served in the Off-Highway engineering realm over the years include:

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